The businessman pleaded guilty in federal court to bribing the former mayor of Catano

Businessman Joseph Poe Santiago Hatto pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court in Reykjavík to conspiracy to bribe the former mayor of Caetano. Felix “El Cano” Delgado In exchange for contracts in the municipality.

The court hearing was held before federal magistrate Bruce McGiver, who explained that the bribe included a Rolex watch, which Bou Santiago had bought for $33,000 and given to the former mayor at a meeting at his home.

Approached about his crime, the 50-year-old pronounced himself “guilty,” in a hoarse and low voice, almost a whisper.

According to the criminal complaint, in April 2019, the businessman met at the former mayor’s house, where he offered bribes to his construction company for contracts, maintenance of green areas, and the purchase and rental of vehicles.I got the opportunity.

In June 2019, after two months, Bou Maintenance Service Corp. Received a $190,000 construction services contract from the municipality. The municipality hired a company to rebuild and seal the roof of the “La Esperanza” park building that was hit by Hurricane Maria two years ago.

Bou Maintenance Services Corp. The businessman, who amassed more than $40 million in deals through the deal, faces up to five years in prison. The prosecution, represented by attorney Seth Erbe, had expected to recommend a two-year sentence after reaching a plea deal.

With the municipality of Cataño alone, contracts with this company total $3.5 million since 2017.

According to the criminal complaint, a file with the municipality of Cadano for the contract that was part of the conspiracy shows that there were only two other bidders who submitted quotes. One of the bidders was LBA Truck and General Contractor, which is owned by Bou Delgado’s partner in another company, Lorenzo Bonilla Agosto, according to documents in El Nuevo Dia’s possession.

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The investigative division of El Nuevo Día published that on at least six occasions, Bou Santiago and Bonilla Agosto submitted contributions to compete for the same benefits.

In July 2021, the media published Pou Santiago, whose company jumped into the public eye for securing a contract to rent a luxury bus. Municipality of KatanoHe has a long history as a government contractor through his landscape gardening company Bou Maintenance, but jumped into legislative counsel in April 2017 when he signed a contract with the former head of the Consumer Affairs, Banking and Insurance Commission. House of Representatives, Yashira LeBron Rodriguez.

That legislative agreement was obtained through a consulting firm LBA Consulting ServicesHe was the Secretary, as per the corporate resolution filed by the company Department of State. LBA Consulting Services is registered with the Department of State LORENZO BONILLA AUGChairman of LBA Truck & General Contractor established by the Registrar of Companies.

It was later revealed that the two companies that bid for the contract were Bou Maintenance and LBA Truck, who won the bid.

At the time, New day He contacted Bonilla Agosto at the cell phone number registered with the State Department under LPA Counseling Services, but the answer was Pou Santiago. The same cell phone number that Bou Maintenance registered with the Registry of Corporations in Puerto Rico. The registered phone number for LBA Truck is not in service.

Paul Santiago said New day It seems to me that there were more than two bidders in the bid of the Municipality of Catano to rent the Mayor’s official vehicle. He indicated that Bonilla had not seen Agosto on the tender, but said he was able to send an employee.

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The contractor admitted that he knew Bonilla Agosto but denied having any business relationship with him. Bou Santiago said he did not know why Bonilla Agosto appeared in the corporation register as an authorized person and resident agent of LBA Consulting. Incidentally, LBA stands for Lorenzo Bonilla Agosto.

“It doesn’t have to do with one another. It was a public auction that we, I participated in, what are you talking about Gaetano”, said Bou Santiago when asked if he competed in that auction against a person associated with LBA Consulting.

The luxury Cadillac Escalade bus was used by Delgado, who pleaded guilty on November 30, 2021, to conspiracy to receive bribes and kickbacks (Kickbackin English).

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