The Astros paid him US$12.5 million for 6.2 innings, he left the team and is still a World Series champion.


One of those intriguing deals was with a pitcher who pitched 6.2 innings over 2 years, the Houston Astros paid him US$12.5 million, left the team, and is still a 2022 World Series champion.

Pedro Baez with the Houston Astros in 2022
© Michael Reeves/Getty ImagesPedro Baez with the Houston Astros in 2022

Houston Astros I have no doubt about it. One of the best relief pitchers on that champion team Los Angeles Dodgers Inside World Series A 2020 free agent, so he gave him a two-year, $12.5 million deal. However, things did not go as expected. Champion of the ‘Fall Classic’ 2022 One of the worst deals in history MLB.

There are no rules that determine who wins a Major League Championship ring. World Series. So much so that players who did not participate in a roster game during the regular season or postseason can earn the distinction. It depends on who the team decides to award this distinction to. in this situation, The main pitcher in this story played in MLB 2022 with the Astros.

Preamble Dusty Baker The leadership needs an elite bullpen to support the starting rotation Justin Verlander and Framber Valdez. He managed to reach it, but not before receiving A feat never seen in the 119 years of the MLB postseason. One of my most anticipated relievers Houston Astros Unable to perform.

After testing positive for the coronavirus, he developed discomfort in one of his shoulders and was uncoordinated for two years. Pedro Pace Published by Planets On April 28, 2022. The relief pitcher was born Dominican Republic He left Houston with 6.2 innings pitched and a 5.40 earned run percentage in seven games.

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The Astros paid him US$12.5 million, he left the team and is still a World Series champion.

In the season ended with Houston Astros title in 2022 World Series Pedro Báez participated in three games, He allowed six runs in 2.1 innings and had an ERA of 11.57. Even so, the pitcher, who was paid $12.5 million by the Astros and left the team, ended up a champion. ‘Fall Classic’ The loser Philadelphia Phillies.

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