Oil producers oppose and platoon suffers! Real Sociedad goes back to Vida and takes a big step towards salvation in the National League


Clausura finished the match between Real Sociedad and Vita on the 15th of 2022 at the Francisco Martinez Drone Stadium in Tokyo. The oil producers came up with the need to succeed, and they succeeded.

Despite landing on the scoreboard after a counterattack defined by Patrick Ferreira, the competition began with Tokyonos seeking the legitimacy of Celio Valladolid.

It will destroy everything: another record he wants to swallow in Hector Vargas and Pedro Troclio’s National League

In the 20th minute, Brazilian player Mariano Pineda fell 0-1. The striker’s shot hit the right post.

This advantage for the La Ceiba team lasted eight minutes, with a free kick taken by Tyrone Martinez brilliantly equalizing everything on the scoreboard.

The cannon shot was impossible for Celio Valladolid to touch the ball, but did not miss the goal. At the age of 41 ‘Real Sociedad took advantage of a resurgence that left it in that area and Tester Monico came to push at will.

Hector Vargas returned Real España to the Concacaf League after a four-year absence

Tocoeños ‘goals hit Vida hard, which did not change in the second half and Akeem Roach took advantage of an error in Ceibeño’s exit at 55’ to take third place.

Akhim Roach scored fourth with his excellent cross from Tester Monica, his brace of the match. The Trinidadian striker defined the chest and closed the game.

Real Community VS is the technical paper of life

Final score: 4-1

Alignments and changes

11 of the Royal Society: Jose Mariano Pineda, Tyrone Martinez (89’s Salcado), Christopher Urmenetta (83 ‘Eder Delcado), Jamal Charles (32’ Osman Melkarez-45 ‘Ricky Zapada), Akhim Garnett, Cliffbox Bernardes 89, Gelwinner, ‘Telson Fikurova) and Ronnie Martinez.

Alternative: Riky Zapata, Roney Bernárdez, Enuar Salgado, Maynor Antunez, Willsy Wood, Edder Delgado, Samuel Pozantes, Nelson Johnston, Eliaquim Navarro, Daniel Rocha, Osman Melgares and Delson Figueroa.

Yellow Cards: Tester Monica (68 ‘), Ricky Zapada (91’)

Red cards: Ricky Zapada (91 ‘Double Yellow)

11 Life: Celio Valladares, Juan Pablo Montes, Henry Sánchez (60 ‘Edwin Munguía), Luis Melendez, Danilo Palacios, Juan Contreras, Elison Rivas, Marvin Bernárdez, Victor Blasco (68’ Carlos Argueta), Johan Centeno and Patryrack.

Alternative: Nelson Munoz, Edwin Munguya, Carlos Argueta, Ottoniel Osorio, Sebastian Espinosa, Limbert Perez, Eduardo Rivera and Harroy Herrera.

Yellow Cards: Not there

Red cards: Not there

Ground: Francisco Drone, Tokova

Referee: Melvin Madamoros

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