The astronaut captures a “terrifying view” of the fire in Turkey from the International Space Station


5 ago 2021 00:06 GMT

Frenchman Thomas Pesket laments the orbital stage, where natural disasters often occur, which he attributes to climate change.

French astronaut Thomas Pesket has shared on his Twitter account some shocking images captured from the International Space Station (ISS), in which parts of southern Turkey have been hit by massive wildfires for several days.

“Wildfire Spreading its smoke over the Mediterranean, A terrifying scene from the space station. My thoughts are with all the affected people and the firefighters who work there, “Baskett wrote with photos on his social media account.

In another tweet, the ISS team member lamented that natural disasters occur frequently, which he blamed for climate change.

“Hurt vision … Even though we are far from ISS, extreme natural phenomena are terrifying: we know they increase in frequency and magnitude. This is due to global warming People will be intimidated when we take care of them, “said Baskett.

Since July 28, a severe wildfire has been raging in the Turkish province of Manavat in the southern province of Antalya. The disaster left at least eight people dead and dozens injured. Currently, Russian Be-200 waterfall aircraft and EU firefighter aircraft They cooperate In the fight against fires.

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