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From now on , Institute for the Promotion of Creativity and Innovation (IFCI) He adds to his duties the publication of Ecuadorean products. through the initiative 593 A space has been proposed to showcase the arts, culture and heritage of Ecuador. The first meeting was held last Wednesday in Circassian PalaceAnd in Quitowith an immersive art show, innovative exhibitions and the launch of new development lines.

Lauren Rubalinoboss Institute for the Promotion of Creativity and Innovation, describes Alma593 as a showcase for the country’s artists and directors. “It is a space for recognition of the culture and heritage of the country. It is an initiative that proposes to showcase the cultural products of artists and managers who have benefited from the lines of promoting creativity and innovation“, He says in an interview with this newspaper.

For Rubalino, who is also an actress, it is essential that the state knows the work of its artists and directors. What was not said, and what was not said, and what was not revealed, does not exist. That’s why the goal is to reveal what we have, because it’s part of our culture. In addition, we are the main cultural entity that has to provide funds for development“, pointing to.

This was how the work of some winners from different promotion lines was presented at the meeting, such as work in Mapping Kai Pashafrom xavier flowers; music work JazzAnd Stone s blues from John Peter; Transmedia book The Little Prince and the Andean FoxAnd from Daniel Yebes Britto; or poem in . format maps drawing Bilingual Interactive love your selfby Tsaiwa Sami Kana.

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The Alma593 event is scheduled to be held periodically throughout this year.

Alma593 proposes a space to highlight the arts, culture and heritage of Ecuador. photo courtesy

Rubalino stated that since 2020, through the IFCI, nearly $6.3 million has been delivered to projects and operations in the country’s artistic and cultural sector.

Calls are made constantly through the official page or on the IFCI social networks. “We will soon launch a new call in June and in July we will launch the next call this year”, he recalls, noting at the same time that the Teatro del Barrio promotion line is currently underway.

This year’s budget for development items is $1 million, available until allotments are exhausted, month after month. (me)

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