The 2030 World Cup will begin in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay

ESPN.comOctober 4, 2023, 10:10 a.m. ETReading: 4 min.

Alejandro DominguezPresident of CONMEBOL, Confident said in a press conference The opening matches of the 2020 World Cup will be played in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay..

CONMEBOL has confirmed that it will host the opening of the Centenary World CupSports Center

“We are going to announce a historic event recognized by the FIFA Council,” he began. “I would like to congratulate CONMEBOL and the current members of the FIFA Council for their excellent work and for this difficult administration that did not start from us. Also, the 100-year World Cup should not and cannot happen. This is what the entire FIFA Council understands,” the president explained.

“Football has united three continents, united six nations, a historical fact And we are very happy. I still love to dance (laughs). There are many reasons to celebrate,” Dominguez said.

“The centenary begins here at the Centenario Stadium, and Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay will have a time to celebrate early.. Three opening ceremonies will be held at these stadiums. FIFA is going to give more details, but it is a historical fact. “Today is a day of celebration for CONMEBOL,” he said.

Earlier, the leader was surprised by his post: “We hoped big. The 2030 Centenary World Cup starts where it all started. “Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay to host opening matches of #MundialCentenario!”, Published by South American President.

Despite the innovation, Dominguez did not provide further details on how or where the remainder of the tournament will take place.

Below are more phrases from Domínguez’s conference:

“I feel great satisfaction as a football lover. I can’t describe what I feel, this is what football gives you.”

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“To be able to achieve this is a dream come true for me.”

“There are three opening games, starting with Uruguay FIFA can provide more details on what that will look like for Argentina and Uruguay. The decision is made”.

“The organization is going to give more details. What we fought for should be the place and we achieved it, but the organization belongs to FIFA.”

“There’s going to be three parties, and we’re going to make sure they’re unforgettable.”

“The Centenario is an iconic World Cup. It will be played again in Argentina, which has not had a World Cup since 1978, and for the first time in history it will be played in Paraguay.”

As there is no Chile

“At first only two countries, Uruguay and Argentina, were talked about, and then Paraguay joined the 48-nation format. Chile later joined. Granted, no Chile this time, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t. Going to work so we’ll find it there or something this size. “It’s FIFA’s decision, not us.”

“The good thing about having three countries, three headquarters is that it doesn’t require any investment other than what’s already there.”

“I think this is news for South America and the whole world. It will be played where it all started: Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, which is the headquarters of CONMEBOL.”

Are there guaranteed seats for CONMEBOL hosts?

“All three of us are already classified and that’s very important. “The event is moving from Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Paraguay in South America to Spain, Portugal and Morocco,” confirmed Robert Harrison, president of the Paraguayan Football Association.

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Significance of Multi-Site World Cup

“As president of CONMEBOL I have the responsibility to serve football.”

“It is very important to create a collective awareness in FIFA and in the world of football, because we will not win, we must be given the opportunity with the conditions we have. Because history is full here, but today the World Cups. To be so big requires a lot of investment, maybe, in those feelings, maybe, we from this project would have been blocked. However, together we made it through.”

“From here we go to Europe where other games and finals will be played.”

“If it had been a competition, and if our governments had to provide the funding that countries do today, it would have been an irresponsible project. And with less potential than other countries with more economic conditions and lower priorities than ours. I think this is a very responsible and very feasible project. This is an issue that should bring us all together and one that makes South America proud and especially the three countries represented here.

So far, five of the 22 World Cups have been held in South America: Uruguay 1930, Brazil 1950, Chile 1962, Argentina 1978 and Brazil 2014.

Of those 22 events, on ten occasions the victory went to a team from the region: Uruguay (1930 and 1950), Argentina (1978, 1986 and 2022) and Brazil (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002).

On August 2, 2022, at the Centenario Stadium in Montevideo, scene of the first World Cup final, Dominguez paid tribute to the so-called “Centennial World Cup” with four nations headlining the game. 1930 event.

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Later, in November, the Juntos 2030 Corporation was launched in Santiago, Chile to promote and promote the candidacy.

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