The 2026 World Cup opener is worth a visit

The global tournament begins on June 11 at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico.

Two more years to go World Cup 2026 And FIFA has already revealed the starting and finishing locations for one of the most important tournaments in world sport.

The football governing body has mentioned that Aztec Stadium The World Cup opener will be played at the MetLife Stadium in New York.

Once you know the schedule for the match, here you will know how much it will cost you to go to the opening match.

First you need to buy a ticket to Mexico City. Currently the fare from Bogot√° to the Mexican capital is approximately $1,300,000 pesos. However, there may be an increase to $2,200,000 at that time.

Now, you have to think about your stay, if you want to do the tour with other things, it should be more or less three days. As such, there are all kinds of places, but accommodation can cost around $900,000 pesos.

Finally, deduct the value of the tickets to Aztec Stadium, which depends on the location of the seats in the stadium. For now, FIFA has not announced the prices, but if we take into account what they offered for Qatar 2022, they could be between $20 and $200.

In this case, a fan who wants to go to the opening game should have at least around 4,500,000 saved and extra cash for occasional or necessary expenses.

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