Audrina Patridge and Brody Jenner There is some Relationship between them in The Hills: New Beginnings

There are lots of rumors that are spread and occurring between Jenner and Audrina for the second season of The hills: New beginnings. They also heat up for the cast members on the robot. It did not take a long time before some of it starts ad it was automatically had the link for romantically. There are a larger number of rumors are against Brody Jenner and Audrina together. And the audiences are asking that they are dating or not. Our heroine was spent some night times with the Brody which means that they are presented in the relationship. 

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They have had more knowledge about both of us. She is told the spending night is just for the entertainment tonight. And she is not giving more information about the night. Both take the hug and kiss on social media but they are told that they are had the entertainment of these activities. They are also said that they are not taking dating for many years. She is said that Audrina is a good kisser and she continued that both of us had a flirty and friendly relationship both. They are single and aimed to grow up a lot. Furthermore, they are located in different places but they keep more timing. 

Their cute relationship in the movies had a great fan base for their chemistry and romantic scenes. It will work up in the movies but it more doubts for the real times. The couple had a great understanding with each other but in the media, they are said that they are presented only with a friendly relationship and it is not that anymore. There is much unclear information lying on social media but not all the information is true. The amazing thing is that they are also acting together in the “The Sun ” movie, it might be explained that they are involved with the triangle and sticky relationships with each other. Not only this movie but also they are acting together for lots of movies and other series. 

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Moreover, the fans already know that Kristin married Jay cutler but they are divorced in the year 2020. But still, Kristin has had a good relationship with the Brody which is shown in the movie name is Spencer Pratt told in The Sun. this incident is making the pair small split up because they are indefinitely had Kristin part and they are not reconciled for more years. 

She is said that it is not breaking news but that she is not interested to heat Brody Jack on the day. Moreover, she was also drinking too much and they do not have the excuse, it was said by our Spencer. Then he said you are not cheating on Brody and if you feel like this then break up.  


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