Former Developmental Talent Melissa Coates Passes Away At Her Age 50 

our lovable and most famous contestant melissa coates was passing away at her 50. She is a super genuine character in the industry. She has generally had more attachments with the Sabu in her career. It is a very sad loss to us and there is no cause for confirming her death. She was the former WWE developmental talent and she also celebrated her 50th birthday in recent days.

MELISSA COATES by loveispain197233

The amazing thing is she led Sabu to the ring. She was also inspired after watching Martina Navratilova and someone is also encouraging the coaches to start weightlifting at the age of 5 and she is also entered the tennis world and she has seen success in her bodybuilding industry. Most of the competitors had more fear about her. She is the most genie person who is entered in the pro wrestling world and the training comes under the killer Kowalski for the Ultimate pro wrestling University. She also signed with the WWE in the year 2005. Meanwhile, she is most of the time appearing in the Master lock challenge on the main roster. She left WWE in 2007 after some territory training at that time. Our thoughts are mostly presented with her genie’s friends and family during the incredibly sad time. She has lots of fans thanks to her talents and skills. Brutus Beefcake shared his sadness on his Twitter page by her passing news.

Moreover, she also has lots of fans because of her hard work and skills. Moreover, she is maintaining her ageless and beautiful appearance till age 36 but she is done some plastic surgery on her face which makes her face was more horrible. She is also done the coloring and over makeup on her face. But she was maintaining her body with more beautiful curves and waves. Yes, her physical appearance gives her more support for her success. She is composed of many men also and everyone is fawning in front of her.

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Her amazing performance brings more success to the wrestling industry and the people also have more happy when she is winning many wrestling levels. Most of her fans and stars are sharing their sadness on her death on their social media pages. Yes, we are missing the great female wrestling development talent. And she has appeared as a great inspiration for many people. 


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