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Written by Daniel de Malas / [email protected]

Significant evidence has been reported of the Cuban ball, the island’s first players have already arrived on U.S. soil, and members of the national team’s list will be looking for how to sneak into the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

Although some journalists echo this phenomenon, it seems Jesus d. Munos Machan, Koko’s sports commentator was the first to announce that at least two Cuban athletes were already in Florida for the aforementioned Olympics in Los America, which runs from May 31 to June 5.

Cuban players Raidel Martinez and Yarriel Rodriguez are already in the United States for the Sunni Dragons in the NPB.

The team’s first to reach North American soil.

Raidel, who recently shot at 100 mph in the Japan Baseball League, is one of the basic pieces of the team Cuba, while Yaril is considered one of the best starters of the moment, considering the players still playing under Cuban control. Sports Federation.

It is clear that both are visa holders to enter the United States, A topic that has been talked about in recent days.

The rest of the team has not yet arrived and the true status of their visas is unknown, but they are expected to be in North American territory from one moment to the next.

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