‘That’s why Tony changed you’: They attack Adamari Lopez after showing him his new grill

Miami, United States.- Although he is one of the most beloved celebrities in Latin entertainment, Adamari Lopez He receives negative reviews after the split Tony Costa.

His ‘haters’ appear on social networks, sending slanderous messages to him under any pretext and poisoning him for the content he shares on their official profiles.

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In this case, Internet users dared to promise that he was “missing a screw” after posting a video on his Instagram account.

The truth is, the TV presenter spent many months showing off his most courageous and sympathetic page with the help of clips he publishes every day. In the last one, Puerto Rican is shown dancing in the middle of his garden while his new grill is installed.

However, while some may find her very sexy, the reviews she received for many of the videos – for many – were very misleading.

“Very cooperative! Help me set up my new BBQ,” Ada wrote on her Instagram. In the post, you can see him dancing from one side to the other, while others help him find his new grill.

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“Of all the years I’ve had, this is the first time I’ve seen this woman so happy, you can see her happy, and that’s the best”; “You must live life without living for others”; “Adamari thanks for inspiring so many women” and “All the best for this new platform, awesome”, his fans posted some comments.

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On the other hand, others did not take it properly.

“Help? Ha, ha, ha, what’s on display … poor girl”; “As if the screw was loose”; “You have changed, you are not like before. I say not physically, but in attitude. I do not like you, so I’m going to stop following you”; “Absurdly, you can no longer figure out what to do to attract attention, which is why Tony turned you into someone else,” and his opponents said, “Tony did everything there, and Tony did a part of the house.”

But the driver listened to that bad comment.

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