Texas Millionaire Scam: Thousands of Gift Cards Seized From Stores Like Target, Home Depot

Burleson, TexasThe Burleson Police Department announced. Multiple People Arrested In Sophisticated Gift Card Fraud Scheme Operating in several states.

Two men were seen. Rushing out of Target and into a Honda AccordDuring routine traffic stops, A large amount of gift cards were found inside the vehicle, Which led to the arrest of individuals.

National Gift Card Fraud Ring Arrested in Texas

An investigation revealed that the suspects had connections to a hotel in Carrollton where Search warrant to collect more evidence.

In total, 4,017 gift cards worth approximately $1,720,050 were seized. The two individuals arrested face serious charges including: Theft of property over $300,000, fraud, fraudulent possession of credit or debit cards, and possession of identifying information of more than 50 people.

The operation required careful coordination between various agencies, including: The U.S. Secret Service Task Force (USSSTF), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and security teams from stores like Home Depot and Target.

big hit against A criminal network operating nationwide.

This case is still under investigation while Authorities are working to determine the full extent of the fraud and possible additional connections.

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Texas has its sights set on Whoosh, an urban transportation system developed by Google. Modeled after Mexico’s Cablebús but with advanced technology like the “Uber of the air,” the service promises to revolutionize travel in Dallas, Plano, Arlington, Frisco, and DeSoto. This autonomous electric system will provide fast, direct rides through traffic, transforming the urban experience with efficiency and zero emissions. Get ready for a future where getting around town is faster, more efficient, and more fun than ever before.

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Imagine a daily commute without the hassle of traffic and endless gridlock. A quick, direct ride with a stunning view. This could soon become a reality for Texans thanks to a new transportation system being developed as part of a Google project.

credit: Swift Cities


Dallas, Plano, Arlington, Frisco and DeSoto are targeted to be the first to implement Whoosh, an innovative elevated autonomous cable-and-rail system. Sound familiar? If you’ve visited Mexico City, you’ve probably heard of Cablebús, an aerial transportation solution that also offers a great view while avoiding ground traffic. The concept takes it a step further by using advanced autonomous technologies to move autonomously along an elevated network of fixed cables and rails.

credit: Swift Cities

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Unlike Mexico City’s Cablebús, which follow fixed routes and stop at stations, Whoosh is more like an Uber in the air. The electric cars are always ready and waiting at stations, and the rides are direct with no intermediate stops. Imagine ordering your air transport through an app, like ordering an Uber, but instead of a car, an “autonomous gondola” picks you up and flies you above the city’s traffic.

credit: Swift Cities

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