Texas declares state of emergency in Bell County due to April solar eclipse: What does it mean?

(CNN) — The solar eclipse scheduled for Monday, April 8 will be a spectacular sight, and many are already gearing up to not miss a single minute of it.

Of those who decide to move to a privileged location to access the event, the majority choose Bell County, north of Austin, Texas, where the event can be seen in all its glory.

April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse: What time, when and where to watch it?

After this, the district administration has announced A state of emergency will be declared A “large number of visitors” will travel there because of its position in the path of totality (the path where the Moon completely covers the Sun). About 400,000 people currently live in Bell, and that number will double because of the eclipse.

“The solar eclipse event is expected to double Bell County's population several days before the event day, and severe traffic congestion on the day itself, straining first responders, access to hospitals, food, groceries and fuel. Shortages, straining local infrastructure,” Bell County said on its website. .

“Bell County has determined that extraordinary measures, in the form of a local emergency declaration, must be taken to protect the health, safety and well-being of residents and visitors,” it added.

Among the measures covered by this emergency declaration is the obligation for landowners to provide notice if they plan to organize eclipse viewing, camping, parties or other events that involve more than 50 people.

In addition, local officials are offering a list of tips for residents to avoid service disruptions, including avoiding leaving home as much as possible, taking alternate routes, planning ahead for fuel, buying food and supplies in advance, after April 4, among other things.

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