Can't you use your Correos prepaid card in Cuba? We explain why

Cubans have reported difficulties when using the Correos España prepaid card on the island.

In recent days, many Cubans have expressed concern on social networks about the impossibility of using the Correos España Mastercard prepaid card in Cuba.

The card that It was very popular Among residents of the island for its advantages, it seems to pose some problems.

What happened?

According to official information from Correos España, as of July 17, 2024, it will no longer be possible to recharge prepaid cards issued by PFS CARD SERVICES (numbers starting with 5304 or 5115). This has led to uncertainty among users who still have this type of card.

What do I do if I have a Correos prepaid card?

If you are a customer of a Correos prepaid card issued by PFS CARD SERVICES, don't worry, you won't lose your money. The entity says you can make a free change to the new Correos prepaid card, which offers more advantageous economic conditions.

How can I change my card?

To change your card, simply go to any post office in Spain. The process is free and takes place in a few minutes.

What benefits does the new card provide?

The new Correos Mastercard BNEXT prepaid card offers the following benefits:

  • It has a single issuance fee of €6.
  • You can easily control your expenses and use it in more than 37 million companies around the world.
  • Online Shopping: Make your purchases online with complete security.
  • You can download their app from Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What should I consider when using the card abroad?

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When using the card in Cuba, the change to euros will be applied to the country's currency, in case of withdrawal. A commission of EUR 1.50 + 1.20% of the amount is also charged for international ATM withdrawals and a commission of 2.70% on the exchange rate for transactions in currencies other than those of the payment account.

He remembers:

  • If you have a Correos prepaid card issued by PFS CARD SERVICES, replace it with the new card as soon as possible.
  • Before traveling to Cuba, check the latest updates on the use of prepaid cards on the island.
  • Keep in mind the fees applicable when using the card abroad.

You can see all the conditions of the Correos España Prepaid Card In this link.

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