Tesla Recalls More Than 11,000 E-Trucks: What Happened to Its Windshield Wipers?

Tesla's windshield wipers fail to deactivate properly. REUTERS/Mike Blake
Tesla must recall all 11,688 electric trucks manufactured between November 2023 and June 2024 The motor that controls the movement of the windshield wipers sometimes stops working.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this defect “may reduce visibility under certain operating conditions, which could increase the risk of a crash.”

Elon Musk's car company must fully confront the economic value of replacing its windshield wiper motor.

Tesla must pay for modifications requested by NHTSA. (Photosynthesis: Infobae)

“At no cost to the customer, Tesla will replace the windshield wiper motor with a motor that has a properly functioning door control component,” NHTSA urges.

On the other side, The same US government agency indicated that Tesla was forced to recall about 11,383 electronic trucks that were manufactured between November 2023 and May 2024. Due to a malfunction related to the decoration falling off or detaching from the vehicle.

“If the trim detaches from the vehicle while driving, it could create a road hazard for motorists to follow and increase their risk of injury or collision,” is NHTSA's argument for Tesla to recall these e-truck models.

The Cybertruck also has flaws in its mold. REUTERS/Lizzy Niesner

As with windshield wipers, drivers do not have to pay an additional amount to correct said defect, rather Tesla must pay the full repair amount.

According to the NHTSA withdrawal document, The solution involves using a tape-approved part. It is completely wetted in the part being applied and in the areas of the car where it is being glued.

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Effective May 28, 2024, improvements have been made to adhesive application quality control in both the supplier assembly and vehicle manufacturing process.

“Cybertruck vehicles at delivery centers and in transit to delivery centers have received or will receive the solution described above prior to delivery to the customer,” NHTSA orders.

Tesla was the car brand with the highest number of car accidents in the United States during 2023. REUTERS/Ali Song/File Photo

In January 2024, Tesla has recalled some 2023 Models Y, Model S, and…

In February of the same year, the company was forced to recall approximately 2.2 million vehicles due to an error related to the incorrect font size on the instrument panel, which affected the warning lights of the braking and parking system and the anti-lock braking system.

According to a LendingTree study of 30 car brands, Tesla drivers in the US experienced the highest rate of accidents last year.

During the period from mid-November 2022 to mid-November 2023, They recorded 24 accidents per 1,000 drivers.Outperforming brands like Ram and Subaru, which had about 23 and 21 accidents respectively.

Tesla has not allowed independent researchers to review the safety standards of its vehicles. REUTERS/Mario Anzoni/File Photo

The analysis excluded data from accidents or incidents involving hired drivers and focused on personal auto insurance rates.

“It's difficult to pinpoint why some brands have higher incident rates than others,” a spokesperson for the online lending company told CNBC. However, there is evidence that certain types of vehicles attract more dangerous drivers than others.

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The company, led by Elon Musk, has not allowed independent researchers to access its data. To verify or refute claims regarding the security of their systems.

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