Bank customers have reported being victims of fraud by employees

Juarez city. – Bancoppel customers reported that they were victims of telephone fraud by employees of the same company, which they only realized when they went directly to the branch.

Anna Miranda, one of those affected, said that Monday she received a phone call she had confidence in an answer to because the number they called was the same they had always called her on behalf of Bancoppel and rather the one that comes behind your card.

She stated that the person behind the phone, who identified himself as Alejandro Diaz Beltran, employee 99263201, told her that some anonymous purchase had appeared and that he wanted to ask her if she had bought it, to which she replied that she had not. , so the alleged employee asked him to give him the PIN to unsubscribe.

However, she maintains that the alleged employee gave her all her personal data and that all the information was correct, just as it was recorded by that banking institution.

“I told him that I can’t give him the PIN, because they always tell you that you can’t even give it to the bank staff, and he told me that he will send me an SMS with a file to the phone, the strange thing I received from the SMS, from the same Bancoppel number,” he said. .

She said that the man asked her to give him the paper that came to him, and she was sure that the call had come from the store, and she gave it to him, but this person told her that he could not enter it and sent her another. SMS again.

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“This was where I was really suspicious because the staff should never ask for the PIN, I quickly hung up and asked for permission at work to go to Bancoppel and there they actually told me they didn’t make the call, it was a scam and they helped me block the registry and protect my data , but it is the same employees who do these scams, because they have all my information and the numbers that called me and sent me the message are those of Bancoppel,” he pointed out.

She also said that the person who actually attended her at the branch told her that people with the same problem had arrived since Friday and her surprise was that when she got back to work and told her colleagues what had happened to them, many of them got the same call. for what I consider urgent to alert new potential victims.

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