Teófilo Gutiérrez qualifies for Colombia national team in Qatar 2022: Carlos Antonio Wallace’s request | Choice of Colombia

The Colombian national team Qatar appears fifth in the South American qualifiers from 2022, although it has only been included in the Conmepol qualifiers for the first two games of September three.

Colombia are still alive despite a 1-1 draw with Bolivia in La Paz, and another goal draw with Paraguay in Asuncion, determined by World Cup aspirations.

There are a few more things for the team led by Reynolds Ruda, and the famous commentator Carlos Antonio Wallace. Win games and RCN radio, The absence of a generation of attacking game made him think.

From his daily column on the show ‘Planetta Football’ Antenna 2, Wallace lamented that attackers or winger are being used as open midfielders and serve as a “coordinator” other than Juan Fernando Quintero, who is not yet 90 minutes away from playing: “He’s here to play for a while”.

That’s why Carlos Antonio Reynolds tended to throw a name at Ruda Rivera as an option.

“How nice it would be if there was a link. Teófilo Gutiérrez could play that role so well.

At 36, Teófilo likes Rueda’s idea, Vélez says: “‘Teo’ is playing, we’re not talking about a guy who’s not standing, he’s not competing, it seems to me that playing football is very useful … Defoe is trying.”

In addition, Carlos Antonio nominated former millionaires who had already worked with Ruda on the national team.

“There’s another one, this (Christian) arena. He’s already with Reynolds. He’s a usable player, he’s got the right to watch.

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