Tenoch Huerta doesn’t see his own, he’s depressed, alone, nobody wants to give him a job!

Four months ago, Tenoch Huerta was embroiled in another controversy. This method is more serious: Maria Elena Rios, an activist, used her social networks to denounce sexual assault Years ago she suffered from him for enslaving him Stealth (Unauthorized removal of condom during intercourse).

This fueled corruption. The allegations led to him removing a character from a film he was recording for Netflix. An actor who gained international fame by participating as Name Inside Wakanda Forever, No statement was made in this regard.

A source close to the actor commented to TV Notas: “He thought that if he let some time pass, things would calm down. He went to disconnect in another country. He has been lost for weeks, but with the fear that they will recognize him at any time. The past haunts him.

According to Elena Ríos, Tenoch Huerta would have attacked several actresses from Poder Prito / Glazos.

He said he tried to rejoin work life a few weeks ago, but he wasn’t very pleasantly surprised. “He started making calls to directors and producers who he thought were his friends.. He explained to them that they had to give the place to themselves so that the water would calm down. however, He was surprised that many of them did not answer the phone.. Others said keeping him in their plans was a double-edged sword, as his name was closely associated with bad things.

Tenoch doesn’t know what to do to change his image. Although he is afraid, he wants to reappear soon to see the reaction of the people: “They invited him to participate in the Kuliagan Book Fair. That is the truth Don’t want to do thatBut he knew that sooner or later he would have to show his face.

María Elena Ríos and Tenoch Huerta have a new conflict on social networks / Instagram: @eltotu / @d_noticias_ / @tenochhuerta

His manager tells him that now is a good time to go public and apologize if necessary.. Tenoch’s biggest problem is his arrogance. He doesn’t know how to say ‘I did wrong’.

Also, this person pointed out the work done with the movement Tight power has been discontinued. Its co-founder actress Maya Zapata also followed him: “She, at first, supported him, but after everything that happened, she said she couldn’t go on. So he decided to end the movement. “It hurt both of them because it took a lot of strength, but it’s over.”

When asked if Tenoch was truly sorry, the source stated: “He realizes his mistakes. However, he allows himself to be carried away by arrogance, as his fame has gotten to him.

Tenoch Huerta stars as Juan Preciado in Pedro Páramo’s new adaptation for Netflix / Twitter: @netflixLAT

From having everything and being one of the globally recognized actors, he now has nothing. He feels and knows that he is alone. He thinks things through. I also understand that because he ran out of money, he got rid of some things. If he doesn’t return to work soon, he’ll have to devote himself to something else, because the money won’t last forever.

He told us that his plan was to start a career in America, but with the actors’ strike, that too fell through: “was calls back and reading scripts for various projects. But with everything that happened, that too stopped. I know you are stressed. Nothing is going right for him. He is alone. No one supported him. “He fears his career is over.”

Tenoch Huerta resigns from Films / Marvel

Tenoch was a budding actor. Worked on digital platforms and For national and international film productions.

In 2014, he bagged his first lead role in the film Mexican Gangster and later made his international screen debut with the character. NameIn Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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