Telemundo’s Adamari Lopez’s farewell was analyzed by an expert in body language

An expert Body language Analyzed A message from host Adamari Lopez When saying goodbye to the program Today Friday 7th April. The professional purpose was to reveal if the former star Telemundo Whether she was satisfied with her departure or not.

The news was first aired on the show, but the host also repeated it their social networks. In his main arguments, he asserted that the decision was reached by mutual agreement. “This beautiful chapter of my life is coming to an end. (…) I will no longer come with you every morning”, revealed the 51-year-old presenter, who appeared alone and in front of the camera.

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Adamari Lopez bids farewell to Hoi Tia with an emotional message

Many of her followers questioned the way the decision was made, commenting on an earlier post in which Lopez was excited about the extra hours the show will have starting Monday.

According to Marifer Centeno, cartographer and expert on personality and body language, Adamari Lopez’s message It had a tone of “strength” and “peace”.

In a video posted on his channel Network light, on which she has more than 300,000 subscribers, Centeno pointed out: “(Atamari Lopez) says in a loud voice, ‘My beautiful people.’ So, it feels strong and calm. He says with a smile, With the head to the side, it represents, on the one hand, coquetryThis is the characteristic area and we are going to look at it at various times.

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Body language expert Adamari analyzed Lopez’s farewell message

Regarding posture, the expert explained that the actress Friends and Rivals (2001) She chose aesthetics, which many women in this type of situation prefer: “This asana further defines the waist-hip ratio and slims the body“, he pointed out. However, hands They showed nervousness.

Centeno assumed the Puerto Rican put his hands next to his stomach and clenched his fists to make it clear he was out of the program. In your view, This he did easily: “There was no expression of anger at any time; Instead, we see her smiling, and we see her with these ever-sparkling eyes. The reality is no At no point does she appear angry or upset. On the contrary, she is calm and she is happy. There is a little longing, which I think is completely normal and logical in farewells,” said the expert.

To Cartographer, Lopez was a confident woman who didn’t regret her exit Today.

In the past months, the morning newspaper has undergone several changes, especially due to the reorganization from the end of 2022. The presenter left Adds recent layoffs from other providersThe likes of Rodner Figueroa, Chiquibaby and Nacho Lozano.

Adamari Lopez has become one of the most beloved hosts today@adamarilopez/Instagram

In a statement released by Telemundo ahead of the announcement, Executives insisted that “it was the right time for him to step down as host”. However, they did not give the reason. Hence, speculations about her “removal” echoed among the actress’ fans. One of the theories suggested the real cause How high was his salary Compared to other drivers.

In 2012, the former partner of the Spanish dancer Tony Costa He joined Telemundo as an anchor, where he provided commentary and news reports on show business and a variety of other topics. Over time, Lopez It has established itself as one of the preferences of the Latino public in the United States.


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