Telegram founder: “Apps like WhatsApp are riddled with security vulnerabilities that governments can use to extract personal data.”


28 dic 2021 16:04 GMT

Powell Drove declared that many U.S. government agencies do not even need a court order to access user information.

Powell Drove, Founder of the Telegram Announced WhatsApp and many other applications developed in the United States have some security holes that North American authorities can use to access personal user data.

In one post, the businessman mentioned something recent Report A filter, jointly developed by the FBI’s science and technology and operational technology divisions, shows which data and which news service the company can access it from. Throw argues that “Telegram fulfills its promise” that it does not infringe on users’ privacy, while applications such as “WhatsApp provide real-time user data to third parties and, despite their many claims about ‘end-to-end encryption’, they can also disclose the content of messages.

In this context, Drove pointed out that many applications cannot guarantee the safety of their users because their engineers live in the United States and have to create “backdoor” in their programs if US authorities demand it. According to them, agencies sometimes do not need a court order to access personal information, in other cases these documents are confidential.

He explained that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has for many years “complied with international encryption standards compatible with NSA encryption.”

“It’s no surprise that US-based apps like WhatsApp are stuck in the back door: security loopholes have been deliberately planted by governments (and anyone else) to ‘hack’ smartphones and extract personal data from the public,” he stressed.

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