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Diamonds The ancient and turbulent gases in them have been revealed to be chemical compounds Atmosphere According to a study presented at the Goldsmith International Conference on Geochemistry, at least 2.7 billion years ago, life on Earth was large enough for diversity.

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A group Researchers Canadians and French used ancient diamonds – as they are today – as a “one-time capsule” to understand the conditions within the Earth’s mantle, and found that the rate of turbulent gases they contain did not change slightly over the past 2,700 million years. .

This is “one of the basic conditions for sustaining life, the presence of sufficient vital elements, which appeared shortly after its formation. Land That has not changed much since then, “say researchers.

Evaporating materials such as hydrogen, nitrogen, neon and carbon-bearing species are light or chemical compounds and components that can easily evaporate due to heat or pressure changes, but they are essential for life.

These products are often formed from the interior of the planet and brought to the surface, for example, volcanic eruptions; So find out when they arrived Atmosphere It is important to understand when the conditions for the origin and development of life were met.

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Used by the team Diamonds To know the conditions of the interior of the Earth’s mantle – it starts about 30 kilometers below the Earth’s surface – at a distance.

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Michael Bradley, a leading researcher at the University of Lorraine (France), explained that studying Mandel’s current structure was “relatively straightforward”, but that this was not the case in the past because the movement of tectonic plates led to Mandel’s destruction. Most models.

However, diamonds are “relatively indestructible, they are the best time capsules,” he added. The team studied diamonds trapped in rocks 2.7 billion years old in Lake Superior, Canada. They are therefore known to be at least as old as the rocks they find, but they may be older because they are harder to find.

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The expert explained that these diamonds were “incredibly rare and not like the beautiful gems we think of when we think of diamonds,” which were heated to over 2,000 degrees to turn them into graphite, which released a small amount of gas for your measurement.

The team measured the isotopes of helium, neon and argon and found that they were in the same proportions as those found in the upper mantle today.

Bradley noted that this was a “surprising” result and that the turbulent fertile environment we see today is not the latest development: “Our work shows that these conditions existed at least 2.7 billion years ago, but the diamonds we use may be much older, so they may have been issued earlier.”


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