Siri’s problems catch up with ChatGPT

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Microsoft and Google responded very quickly to the influx From OpenAI. The first one has done it just like that Boarding the boat ChatGPT’s, Google He is in a hurry Start your own Chatbot, Bard. What Apple is doing in the field of AI? Well, apparently not much.

In Information They interviewed more than thirty former Apple employees who worked in its AI and machine learning departments and published a detailed report.Before moving on to other institutions. From these interviews it is clear that the company is not affected Some issues with creating language models that would allow you to launch your own replacement for ChatGPT or update Siri so that the assistant doesn’t look like a joke compared to the functionality of the new Chatbots.

The first problem is brain drain. Apple lost three engineers working on improving Siri: Srinivasan Venkatachari, Steven Baker, et al Anand Shukla. The trio came to Cupertino in 2019 after acquiring a company called Laserlike, but left in 2019.

To make matters worse, Apple device users are not happy with the answers Siri provides. Company employees also criticize the lack of assistant functionality. Interviews reveal that Mike Rockwell, the same head of the mixed reality headset team, tried to integrate Siri for use with the device’s voice controls, and became so frustrated that he considered creating his own voice control platform. The idea was, of course, scrapped.

At the development level, the problem with Siri is not updating its dataset or its language model, but the way it improves, which is based on bugs. Leaks of internal meetings reveal what Apple engineers failed to believe Company managers will make Siri make more mistakes so she can learn. Managers are simply risk averse Helper stars in negative topics such as ChatGPT or other chatbots falling due to frequent errors or crashes.

All these have ended up creating an internal atmosphere of doubt. According to the Conversation report, many engineers believe Apple cannot keep up with the AI ​​technology it has developed. Companies like OpenAI are simply for company policy reasons. Others A report released a few days ago The New York Times He points to the same issues, and that Siri’s design flaws make it very difficult to update the assistant to match ChatGPT.

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