Tekashi 6ix9ine Denies Yelle’s Pregnancy By Calling The Announcer A Liar, Which Goes Viral

Tekashi was on 6ix9ine Allofok Radio Show Santiago Madias, Ali David and Vitaliy Sanchez, among many announcers and media personalities from the Dominican Republic. there, The rapper and partner of the highly viral Yalin confronted them and even called the host a liar. Everything from respect and leading.

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Its layer Hip hop Says the announcer assures that only after their love for him started in the Dominican Republic His relationship with Yailin went viral. Tekashi’s promise was completely false.

“When I did Vape with Angel Tear And it was across the street… Now, what are you going to say about that?” The composer tells him. Vitaly then asks him about the exact lie he accused him of.

“No, but don’t ask me any questions. “If I ask you, you cannot answer me.”Tekashi said at Alofok in the middle of the show.

Dominican announcer Tekashi demands an explanation from 6ix9ine

But the announcer defended himself against that argument: “If I said something and you tell me it’s a lie, you should tell me, “what did I tell?”She insisted.

“People liked me because of the lie that I stopped you. They loved me beforeDaniel Hernandez said what the rapper’s real name is.

Yailin La Más went viral while partnering with Anuel AA. Tekashi 6ix9ine at an event in Milan 2017.
Credit: The Crosby Group. | AFP/Getty Images

But the Dominican announcer and presenter told him that this was not something bad or good, but a fact. The “Dueno” singer responded: “It’s nothing bad, but you’re disparaging me as an artist…Yailin and Tekashi are two different companies“.

She closed the idea by arguing: “What I said is true and you can’t deny it, why? There are many Dominicans who loved you before Yale, but there are many Dominicans who love you because of Yale. Yalin’s fans love you for Yalin.

Dekashi 6ix9ine Denies Yelle’s Pregnancy So Virally

You said that Yale’s most viral was being pregnant. It’s a lie”, Tekashi also points to the host of the Allofok radio show and Los Reyes del Circo. Ali David.

A few days ago, we examined the information he provided Jordi Martin, reporter for the Univision show “El Corto y la Flaca” about La Civrica’s pregnancy.

Martin assured him that he was told this by the same person who confirmed that Yalin and Tekashi were a couple. But now it is The singer himself denied this information.

For that reason, he questions the information they gave in “Las Reyes del Circo”. But still Ali David He also explained his version behind this.

“The pregnancy rumor came to me straight from Miami. One has been in it for years and one has connections. In Telemundo, in Univision, I don’t know what in Sulta, I don’t know what in Gordo… Suddenly they send a heavy blow. “In fact, when the photographer releases the rumour, it’s because they’ve been moving it for a long time,” he explained.

“You’re so weird, but your show is so entertaining. I’m not taking that away from you. LThe things you talk about there and you’re in a different world. Don’t make things up anymore… There are things that talk about me that aren’t really…“, Mt Tekashi 6ix9ine.

In addition, Dekashi also spoke about what he thinks about being in prison. What he learned, what he did and much more in the interview that lasted for about an hour and a half.

The legend is as follows:
· Tekashi 6ix9ine calls Molusco “chicken” and says he’ll give him a “cookie”
Yailin went viral for sugaring her daughter Cattleya with Anuel AA
·Tekashi 6ix9ine buys clothes at the office because he can’t travel in America
Yellin and Tekashi 6ix9ine were partying at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic.

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