Technology – Tricks to use the capabilities of Google Translate

Google translator One of the most used free Google products in the world, it’s capable of translating words, phrases and web pages almost instantly 150 languages Available.

There are many users who come to this service on a daily basis to learn more about their surroundings when it comes to a language they don’t know, although not all of them really know the amount of information it can provide.

Currently, Google Translate offers three ways to translate one language to another from its main web page. First, it has a text box where you can type or paste up to 5,000 characters.

A category that also includes languages ​​such as Tsonga, Twi, Tamil, Ewe, Krio, Sindhi, Cebuano, Hmong or Oromo can be translated into over 150 languages ​​simultaneously. Large number of speakers. (such as English, German, Italian or Danish).

On the other hand, this service provides A section to attach documentsIt is powered by Google Cloud Translation, an automated service that translates large files into different languages.

Once the document to be translated is uploaded, this program will convert it to the selected language and create another document in the same format, but with already translated text.

Finally, Google Translate offers the possibility to paste a link of a specific web page into your browser. Once you select the language into which you want to translate this site, a new tab will open with that page in the selected language.

Translator for ‘smartphones’ too

In addition to these basic functions included on its own web page, the translator can be downloaded Chrome extension Translate a website directly or App for iOS and Android.

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Precisely in its ‘smartphones’ version a function called ‘transcribe’ is integrated Translate any conversation simultaneouslyWithout the need to manually write the text to be translated.

It is a feature that detects the interlocutor’s voice, and unknown to a portion of the users of this Google service, they can attend the conversation without losing any detail.

In addition, the translator is integrated into the Google Lens mobile application, which gives users the ability to Capture information with a camera Access the back of the ‘smartphone’ and various possibilities. Among them, that is translation.

This way, you can take a picture of a poster or a restaurant menu, among other examples, and translate what it says in seconds without having to write it down in a translator.

This feature works by attaching an image from the gallery or by placing the device in front of the text you want to translate until the computer detects it and writes it without the need to capture it.

Finally, Google considers the option of translation Play offline And taking into account that many users may need their services in countries where their phone company increases their mobile data rates.

In this sense, Google suggests that to translate any language without the Internet and in any part of the world, when there is a connection, it is necessary to download that language and store this information on the device for offline use.

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