A message that will block your WhatsApp and drive you crazy

A patch has been circulating in recent days that makes the website practically unusable. Share it In the Android version of the client, this is the link wa.me/channel. When receiving or reading it nothing happens, pressing the link causes the problem. Automatically, WhatsApp goes crazy and crashes.

Wa.Me is a common nomenclature for sharing links on this platform. The particular problem with this link is that it goes nowhere.

When you click on it, the application tries to open a channel, so it faces two problems. First, this functionality is not yet available to the general public; Second, the link does not specify the name of the channel it is trying to access.


Thus, enters WhatsApp A ring of sorts Trying to fulfill an order with no destination and ends up crashing.

If your mobile is updated to the latest version of Android 12 or 13, the application will close automatically after the response time of the operating system. In older versions of Google software, you may see a banner warning you that the app is not responding and giving you the option to close it.

For now it is nothing more than a bug, which may be fixed by Meta in the next few days, and it will not have serious implications for the victim’s cell phone or WhatsApp account.

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