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The love and devotion of our little preschooler put in his classes They have passed on the virus Online, she shows how she and her kids are “go to space” In a very creative and fun way to teach them science.

in your account tik tokthe user Tweet embed He shared a class with his group of children from a school located in Geotbeck, Moreloswhere he taught them about the universe and outer space through play and Where they can be young astronauts for a day.

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The teacher teaches her students from collecting meteorites to forming constellations

The video begins with two teachers dressed in white and wearing their space helmets, while in the background is the ship, complete with the NASA logo and adorned with graphics of Earth, the Moon, stars and even a little Mars, with any They will start the adventure.

Then a group of about 30 girls and boys were seen outside the room with their helmets and backpacks, very excited, who began collecting aluminum foil “meteorites” with tweezers made of forks tied with rubber bands.

Next, the children were seen jumping over the pits marked with hoops. “Chase” The stars in the sand bucket. With sticks and plasticine balls form towers; Finally their journey ends again in the classroom, where a red and green starlit roof awaits.

Katia, the first Mexican in space, responded to a video of a teacher teaching science

Viral video has arrived Katya Echazaritathe first Mexican to travel into space, recorded a duet in which her cheerful reaction was noted with young astronauts, as well as with teachers who conveyed their interest in science and Children’s space.

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The Internet users They also enthusiastically recognized the profession of these preschool teachers through video comments with more than 2 million views.

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“Wonderful! It was truly an incredible experience that the kids will definitely never forget, their imagination is limitless, and their activity amazes me”, also “I am also a teacher and I know how important it is to work on this technology,” Some comments were about The teacher who spreads a creative way to teach science to children has spread rapidly.

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