‘Tata’ Martino already thinks about Raul Jimenez for World Cup qualifying round, after returning from injury

‘Tata’ Martino has suggested Raul Jimenez ‘return to action and hopes that this will be the first step in getting him back into the national team and facing the start of the World Cup qualifying round.

Will return Raul Jimenez In the process, he went missing for several months due to a skull injury ‘Aya’ Martino And coach Mexican team He believes he is constantly evolving forward to trust him in a call.

“We know, we got in touch with Raoul. He felt good. He played for 34 minutes or so. He was happy. For him to return to football, obviously we believe this is the first step. Said the coach Mexican team.

Raul Jimenez Scorer Mexican team During the process ‘Aya’ Martino, Is the main reason why the Argentine coach is eagerly waiting for the wolves to return to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar starting next September.

“It’s been a long time, because the injury is so serious, he’s tried so hard to recover, he’s back in the courts today, so it’s very good, obviously facing the qualifying rounds.

On the other hand, Alfredo Talvera also talked about coming back Raul Jimenez Wolverhampton striker in courts after recovering from a skull fracture he suffered in late November 2020.

“Of course we took note of Raoul’s and we talked about it. The truth is, it gives us a lot of joy as Mexicans, soccer players, human beings. I think it’s normal after that impact. You always have to support him, one hundred percent, let him know that we are waiting for him very soon so he can be with us, compete, play football in the upcoming qualifying rounds. ”

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