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Names such as Marie Curie, Emmy Noether, Alice Paul, Katherine Johnson, Vera Rubin and others are very relevant when talking about women who have changed the course of science and in Tampico We have the talent of Astrid Angeli Longoria Duarte, the compatriot of Tampico who will be visiting Parliament The work of girls in science will be presented.

Distinguished Student at the Inter-American Institute Tampico Had a chance to talk to him sun tampico Before participating in the Forum “Mexican Experts in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space”, she said that she was very happy to share the experience that she was able to acquire at the age of only 13 years.

The event, which will take place in the Aurora Jiménez Auditorium for the aforementioned example, will take place on Friday, April 29th at 1:00pm and will allow the Tampico native to raise her voice for girls looking for a space in the exact flag.

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Years of great dedication have results today

Accompanied by Georgia Foundation director Anna Gochicoa, young Astrid Longoria explained that receiving this invitation is the result of the many years of dedication that began in her robotics lessons that are today relevant by allowing a nationwide message to be conveyed.

“Since I was young they started teaching me English and robotics, I started local competitions, but it wasn’t until the third year of elementary school that we started participating in national and international competitions and I developed in all this robotics and creativity and when we went to the Jhonson Space Center, there I managed From seeing the facilities, they gave us courses and challenges and that was when I won second place with my team, it was like something very important and there I started to love everything about the space,” he recalls fondly the entire process he went through.

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Astrid confirms that what set the tone for receiving the aforementioned invitation was her participation in an article called September He gets acquainted, as he talked about his career and was able to share the successes that accompanied him.

Space Representative Room where he will raise his voice

The sophomore in high school explains that the opportunity to participate in the Forum “Mexican Experts in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space” opens an opportunity for her to raise her voice for all girls who are dedicated to study and want to direct their careers in the exact sciences.

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“I am so excited and grateful because it is so important to me and all the girls who want to continue to grow in science and space and we want them to give us a chance to clarify and say we can and tell it.

Longoria Duarte, asserts that the role he will play is also very challenging, as it is the door that will allow him to open paths for new generations of scientists and researchers.

“It’s a very big responsibility because I’m committed to paving the way for all those new generations, both for me and for all the girls who have a dream of continuing in science and space, and I want to be the one who opens all that path.”

He stressed that it is also important to inform the authorities that the information should be disclosed because sometimes part of their investigations was complicated by the lack of information at their fingertips.

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“It was complicated at first because there is very little information and this is also the message that I want to give that it is necessary to learn about this branch because it is the future that we have, and we have to keep discovering new things and it is difficult to achieve or learn without a lot of information “.

Forum of Mexican experts in the exploration and use of outer space

It is important to note that the Forum “Mexican Experts in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space” was designed with the aim of establishing a dialogue with Mexican academics, researchers and professionals interested in promoting the development of extraterrestrial activities.

“The Forum is important because it gives women the space to demonstrate how, when given the right opportunities, we are able to perform perfectly and do great things in any field. The field of space is growing tremendously, it is a field where there is room for all professions, inventions, technological advancements and above all it is an exciting field Very interesting for children because it is very important for them to be motivated and occupied. It is curious that they wonder what we cannot do, what we cannot invent”, explained Director IP Georgia Anna Guchicoa.

tampikinia Astrid Longoria Duarteher parents will accompany her to her presentation in Parliament A space where you will discover the work of girls in science, do you know a girl who wants to know more about space?

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