Taking photos with an iPhone is the wrong trick

Photo based would be better though Camera in handThe truth is, not everyone can afford it. However, one that the majority of people have It is a smartphoneAnd what to say if it is not Apple brand.

A can be used iPhone A series of tricks is enough to freeze the moment without needing a great knowledge of photography Such rare occurrences.

solar eclipse

Good pictures

Darkness and the tripod, the basics of photography

While it is true that the eclipse itself will create darkness, it is equally convenient to visit a place No artificial light Round. In fact, it's important when taking photos There is no electricity nearby It can ruin your image.

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Another important ally Maintain camera stabilityAnd if anything democratized using phones as cameras They are tripods. Taking photos freehand isn't an option, and a stand to support the phone works best.

Recording is sometimes better than taking photos

Sometimes no strategy is the best strategy, what to do instead of taking pictures It is not good to register? This will allow viewers of the event Record eclipse progress Absolutely.

The basic thing to get is a Successful video Not only can you increase the zoom to get the camera's field of view as close as possible Reduce the brightness to minimum. This will allow the lens to capture only the light from the eclipse rather than from around it.

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solar eclipse.

Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images

RAW or ProCamera mode is the new best friend of amateur photographers

If you have an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro, chances are you'll make it Photos in RAW mode, or as Apple calls it, ProRAW. It also captures the entire image without compression for higher quality and better results. Edit the photo later If necessary.

However, if you don't trust the functions of Native iPhone camera, the camera application that integrates additional functions will help change other parameters. One of the best rated 'Pro Camera', Available in the App Store for 12.99 euros.

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