Government reports on traffic problems in Havana

The government of Havana has released a statement through its official Facebook account, where it reports on traffic problems within the Cuban capital.

According to the press release, the GAZZELLE bus service has been temporarily disrupted due to fuel supply issues in the city, making passenger transport more complicated.

GAZZELLE buses belonging to the Metrotaxi service are usually delivered late at night and early morning with enough fuel to last the next day.

However, for the past two days, Metrotaxi have been facing supply difficulties in the spaces reserved for vehicles, which has prevented them from closing the scheduled routes.

Despite this, drivers tried to maintain part of the service by using fuel reserves stored in their vehicles' tanks.

The importance of this service to the capital's public transport is recognized and therefore apologies for the inconvenience caused to users. It has been assured that the service will be restored and running as usual soon.

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