Taiwan has expressed concern to Japan over the seizure of a fishing vessel near the Amami Islands

Taiwan expressed concern to Japan over seizure of fishing vessel near Amami Islands (AP).

Taiwan He expressed his “concern” this Friday Japan For a catch Taiwanese fishing vessel In nearby waters Amami IslandsIn the Ryukyu Archipelago (southwest of Japan), the Chinese regime seized another Taiwanese ship three days later. Relatives.

The incident took place in the early hours of July 5, when the ship 'Fu Yang 266“Boarded” by a ship Japan Ministry of Fisheries after allegedly violating local fishing regulations, according to a report Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan.

The ship was then 288 nautical miles (about 533.3 kilometers) northeast. Benjia IslandAbout 1.5 nautical miles (2.77 kilometers) outside Taiwan's “Temporary Law Enforcement Line”

At around 06:50 hours (Thursday 22:50 GMT), the crew – two Taiwanese and six Indonesians – announced Taiwan Coast GuardAccording to local Taiwanese media, it “immediately” dispatched one of its ships to “investigate” the details of the incident.

After receiving a report of what had happened, Th Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs It expressed “its concern” through its diplomatic channels to Japan and demanded the “immediate release of the ship and its crew”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to monitor the case and provide necessary administrative assistance to the Taiwanese fishing vessel.“, the island's foreign ministry said in a statement.

The vessel was located 533.3 kilometers northeast of Pengjia Island, approximately 1.5 nautical miles outside the Taiwanese “Provisional Law Enforcement Line” (REUTERS).

Although Taiwan and Japan do not maintain official diplomatic ties, they have strengthened their economic and political ties in recent years in the face of China's growing hostility in the region.

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The incident comes three days after the Chinese Coast Guard seized a Taiwanese fishing vessel. Kinmen IslandsAn archipelago controlled by Taiwan and located a few kilometers from China.

The ship in question was named 'Da Jin Man 88It was traveling about 23.7 nautical miles (43.89 kilometers) northeast on Tuesday night. LeoluoIn Chinese territorial waters, when it was “boarded” and “intercepted” by the Beijing Coast Guard, it was later transferred to the port of Weido in Fujian (southeast) province.

The Chinese government says the boat, manned by two Taiwanese and three Indonesians, would have violated a fishing ban unilaterally imposed by Beijing.

Chiu Sui-Sheng, Responsible for this Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council -the body responsible for relations with China- assured this Thursday that the Taiwanese government had requested information from China on the incident and demanded the “immediate release” of the boat and its crew once the circumstances of the incident were clarified. .

The Chinese Coast Guard seized a Taiwanese fishing vessel near the Kinmen Islands, an archipelago controlled by Taiwan, a few kilometers from China.

China's recent seizure of a Taiwanese fishing vessel may be a new development.Knowledge warfare“The aim is to put pressure on the Taipei government,” said the director-general of Taiwan's National Security Office on Thursday. Tsai Ming-yen.

In media reports, Tsai said it was “unusual” for the Chinese Coast Guard to inspect and seize the Taiwanese vessel despite the vessel operating in Chinese waters amid the summer fishing ban.

The Office of Homeland Security will continue to study this to see if there are any cognitive warfare measures or related media effects.Tsai said, pointing to China's “official version” that the Taiwanese fishing vessel may have violated local fishing regulations.

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(with information from EFE)

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