Taco Party at Espacio Zity 2023: tickets and information

Taco Concert, which will conclude its tour “Even if it costs us our lives”, in Zaragoza during the Festas del Pilar 2023

Taco concert in Zaragoza during the Fiesta del Pilar 2023.

Aragonese group taco will close for him National tour in style with The closing ceremony of Espacio Zity 2023. will be the Oct. 14in 0:30 hoursIn the Remember the tent One of the busiest places in Zaragoza in Fiestas del Pilar 2023.

So The final night at the venue will feature music to suit all tastes: will start with Indie of Ancient MorlaAnd Will continue with Taco Rock And he will approach the beat of the best DJ.

after Almost four decades of experience as a bandThe ejeano group is back on stage again with their “Even If It Costs Our Lives” tour, one of their most memorable, and after releasing their album “Yesterday, Today and Always” in 2021, they are able to connect again with the public.

In order to enjoy the partyaudience will be able Buy a ticket for the night of October 14th, which is already available (here below). In the same way, those who want to live the whole last night, You can do this by purchasing your ticket for Vetusta Morla, which gives the right to remain until the enclosure is closed. Also, with the coupon (which is already sold out), you can enjoy all of Zity’s programming, including the taco party.

Buy tickets for a taco party under “Night Tickets”

Taco party night ticket in ZitySpace From 23:55 after Fiesta Morela Concert:

More information about the taco party at Espacio Zity 2023 during the Fiestas del Pilar

  • day: October 14, 2023.
  • hour: 0:30 hrs.
  • spot: Remember the tent to ZitySpace 2023.
  • sale of tickets: on this page and Caracol central box office (Open Mondays and Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pmthe rest is closed).
  • How to goPrivate bus lines and tram line 1.

Poster for the taco party at Espacio Zity 2023 in the Fiestas del Pilar:

Taco concert in Zaragoza
Tacos concert in Zaragoza, end of the tour, poster by Espacio Zity.

Taco party with “Camel Carpenter” in Bellaris last year:

Taco’s song “Even If It Cost Us Our Lives”:

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