T-Mobile and Geotab offer IoT solutions for fleet management

Lost units, lower emissions, risky driving behaviors, and increases in insurance premiums are among the challenges faced by companies with fleets of cars.

To address these and other challenges, T-Mobile this week introduced its business customers to strategic partner Geotab, a provider of connected devices (IoT) and… Programming For fleet management.

“Our collaboration with Geotab represents our unwavering commitment to the success of businesses in Puerto Rico. “Together we drive innovation and deliver solutions that will transform fleet management on a local level.”said Jorge Martel, Vice President and General Manager of T-Mobile Puerto Rico.

The event, held at the T-Mobile Zone, included live demonstrations on how to optimize routes, facilitate real-time remote monitoring, and enhance operational security, by connecting Geotab devices, cameras and sensors to T-Mobile’s 5G network.

On one side with El Nuevo Día, Andy Goergen, Geotab’s associate vice president, said the company has already implemented solutions with a local car rental company, Charlie Car Rental.

He pointed out that his interest is to support more companies so that they “operate more safely and efficiently.” Regarding the sectors of greatest interest, he mentioned logistics businesses, as well as the health sector.

He added that through the alliance with T-Mobile, the service is paid as a monthly subscription and is part of the bill with the provider.

In contrast, Martel highlighted the advantage that Geotab “provides the hardware as well as the software.”

“We are thrilled to be here this week to take our investment in Puerto Rico to new levels for the future,” Georgin said.

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In addition to video demonstrations, the event included cases of successful applications and samples of how Geotab’s machine learning platform integrates advanced data analysis so customers can achieve the performance or efficiency goals they set.

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