Surfing and science go hand in hand at an exhibition on Deba Beach

Surfing and science go hand in hand at an exhibition on Deba Beach

Cardenas Park, which runs next to the beach plaza, has become the venue for an exhibition focusing on surfing and science, and will remain open to the public until September 24. Anyone walking along the aforementioned promenade will find three signs on which they will see information related to surfboards, waves, and the scientific aspects hidden behind this sporting practice that is increasingly widespread in Deba.

Going into details, the exhibition first includes a panel centered around the technology accompanying the design of panels and the development they have recorded throughout history, whether with regard to their shape or the materials used in their manufacture. The second focuses on the effect of wind and tidal period on wave formation, and also describes which ones have the best conditions for surfing. Finally, the exhibition is completed with a series of scientific explanations that will help practitioners of this sport catch the waves and be able to ride them for as long as possible.

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