How much free space does a Gmail account have?

Nowadays, without an email account, we can do almost nothing. So much so that some users have two accounts for their daily life. These often include other services such as storage, and this is the case in Gmail, in which, in addition to using electronic correspondence, we have the possibility of saving documents and images. but This free storage has some limitations.

The storage space we have available with a Gmail account

The terms of use of Gmail accounts changed some time ago. Initially, the space we had for the email account was not shared with the rest of the services, so it was reserved entirely for email. This hasn’t been the case for a long time, and is shared between the three tools, Gmail, Drive, and Photos. If we have a free Gmail email account, we should know that it comes with it as well 15 GB in which we can store documents, photos or videos And all our emails. An amount that for some users is more than enough. Although for many other people, it’s easier to fill out and they need to choose other options, such as a Google One subscription.

They have so many plans that when you hire any of them, the storage space ranges from 15GB that they provide us to 100GB. A much higher number at which we can store everything we want. the Google One plans available, They range from the basics that we can enjoy 1.99 euros In the month in which they are included 100 GB. The standard that represents an investment 2.99 euros per month Which we have 200 GB Or installment at cost 9.99 euros In the month that Includes 2 TB. Furthermore, if we contract out the plans annually, we can achieve savings of up to 16% by making the payment in one lump sum.

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Although if we shared it with other members of our family it would probably fill up after a while. The pace of life we ‚Äč‚Äčlive and always carrying a photo and video camera with us creates the need to save all the graphic documents, which takes up a large part of the storage space. When we have 15 GB of space in front of us, we don’t realize the rate at which we can fill it, and depending on the quantity and quality of photos and videos we store, it may take much less time for them to run out of space than we expected.

It is recommended from time to time Review our cloud content In search of everything that is not necessary to hold and carry out cleaning tasks, to reclaim part of the space that we occupied with unnecessary information. To help us with this task, we can use the tools that applications provide us. Both Drive and Photos offer us utilities with which we can archive, keep or delete photos and videos.

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