Superhero Day: which could be real, according to science?

Superhero Day was created by Marvel Comics in 1995. | Photo: Internet.

In the universe of Superheros There are super fast, super strong and even super high, but this Superhero Day 2021, at we tell you what superheroes could exist in real life, according to science.

Two scientists from the University of Alcalá de Henares in Spain revealed that of all Superheros that currently exist, Batman could be one of the superheroes that could exist in real life because he complies with the laws of physics.

According to the experts, Batman could be real because he is just a more physically developed person than the rest, and it’s a superhero without superpowers, which makes it easily achievable by anyone.

Batman complies with the laws of physics, so it could be real. | Photo: Internet.

Iron Man or Tony Stark could be real too because his “superpower is a prodigious intelligence that allows him to put at his service and that of humanity all the possibilities contemplated by physical laws, real or unreal.”

Iron Man does not have superpowers, but a great intelligence that allows him to develop abilities. | Photo: Internet.

As to Spiderman, Álvarez and Sáez pointed out that the tension values ​​of the spider web of the arachnid superhero, they could be compatible with your weight and therefore workable. So the laws of physics would not be challenged, at least in that regard.

At least by the tension values ​​of the spider web, Spider-Man could be real. | Photo: Internet.

What superheroes couldn’t be real?

In the case of SupermanThis could hardly be real Francisco José Álvarez and Francisco Sáez de Adana, authors of the investigation, assured.

Superman couldn’t be a real superhero. | Photo: Internet.

Like Giant man who it couldn’t be real Due to its super power of growing to a larger than normal size, it defies the cube-square law, which says:

“When an object grows in size, its volume grows faster than its surface.”

Y Giant man were real, his “bones would reach a point that they could not support his weight, so his superpower is physically impossible”, the experts said.

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Giant-Man breaks the cube-square law, so it couldn’t be real. | Photo: Internet.

Superheroes and science

The scientists pointed out that in addition to entertaining, arousing admiration and even envy and allowing people to dream that another world is possible, superheroes also help spread the laws of physics.

“Science has a huge presence in superhero stories, at least in the most modern ones: on the one hand, many of the superheroes and also the supervillains come from the scientific field and, on the other, the appearance of superpowers is attributed with frequency to new discoveries and advances ”.

Superhero Day

Each April 28 since 1995 is celebrated the Day of the Superhero and the Superheroine. It was created by company employees Marvel Comics with the intention of honoring those who protect others while facing evil.

According to US media the Superhero Day was born after a survey conducted by Marvel where it asked people Who was the hero they most admired?

Because there were responses where people said that the superhero they most admired was in many cases a normal personAs a doctor or a policeman, the idea of ​​establishing this date was born.

Many consider other human beings they know as superheroes. | Photo: Internet.

Not only to commemorate the comic book heroes or the cinema, but also the everyday heroes.

It is Superhero and Superheroine Day 2021dinosaurs Who is your favorite superhero?

Construction site “Game changer”From the artist Banksy. | Photo: Reuters.

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