Pictures of Jennifer Lopez crying with Alex Rodriguez during a full discussion inside a vehicle

It seems that the love rumors of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez could not.

Photo: Alex Wong. / Getty Images

Show Tell me what you know Shared information, apparently photos Jennifer Lopez An argument inside a vehicle Alex Rodriguez. As they argued, the singer was crying. But beware, the photos, as they reveal, are not from this year, but from January 2020. As they comment, JLo’s revelations in the film show that he is very sad and sad about who he was at the time. His future wife.

This information has mixed others with the past and present of the relationship because there are those who believe the images are current, and this encounter may be a testament to the desire to win back the former player diva. If Alex Rodriguez’s interest in retrieving Jennifer Lopez is true, it is not a reflection of this situation because these pictures are old.

They wrote on Suyetta La Sofa’s Instagram account: “Jennifer Lopez collapses and is seen with full tears in front of A-Rod”. The general public who read the comment and watched the video could not help but react and comment: “What a sad life for those with“ fame ”! Expressing sadness for a disappointment in love becomes news. All people have the right to live in peace and dignity through these processes. “

It should be noted that not everyone believes this information and is questioned with messages such as: “Let the soup now be called let the inventions.”

Others focus on whether Jennifer Lopez’s crying is logical. It is clear that she is going through a difficult time after the separation: “He is an obvious human being !!! A break always hurts ”. Again they are confused and believe that this is the first film of the year, but no.

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Pictures and comments from Sulta La Sofa team members are here. It should be noted that Vanessa Claudio points out that the A-Road JLO was constantly accused of various betrayals during the photo shoot.

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