“Super vortex” identified in Antarctica could be catastrophic for humanity

Antarctica is affected by global warming.
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Climate change continues to prevail in the world and one of its consequences is the appearance of a “super vortex” located in Antarctica, which is beginning to accelerate, which is a warning that humanity may face a disaster, especially for the lower part, according to a geochemist from Columbia University in the United States, of the planet.

By: The Herald

The weather phenomenon “super vortex” is called the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, and according to experts on the subject, it is described as “the most powerful and fastest current on the planet,” as described by geochemist and physician Frank Lamy. He was quoted as saying by the Daily Star that it “may be the most important current in the Earth's climate system.”

How does the Antarctic “super vortex” affect Earth?

According to a Columbia University expert, the Antarctic gyre is advancing at a faster rate, which is why they estimate it is destroying more sea ice in the planet's 14-million-year history, Dr. Lamy explained.

In response to the above, the geochemist warned that sea levels around the world would rise, placing humanity under a giant frozen water. “This loss of ice may be responsible for an increase in heat transport to the south,” the expert said.

What creates a “super vortex”?

The gyre has recently formed because temperatures in the stratosphere have risen and cold air has been blocked by sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) that occurs when it rapidly descends in the polar vortex.

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