“Super Dark” Mode on WhatsApp: How to Enable It

Today we can find various mobile applications, especially messaging, that help us stay in touch with our family and friends wherever we are.

One of the most popular messaging apps is WhatsApp. It will be updated regularly to provide improvements to its service.

WhatsApp developers are not only concerned with improving the interface but also making necessary changes so that their users spend more time inside the app without any difficulty or problem.

For a long time, WhatsApp offered only a clear configuration of its interface, unable to change it to rest on the eyes, falling behind other social networks that allowed it.

Finally, WhatsApp made a change to allow its users to use what it calls “dark mode”. However, Did you know there is a “Super Dark Mode”?

Dark mode is characterized by its inverted color scheme, with dark backgrounds and light text, this alternative has many advantages. One of the most notable features is its effect on eye pressure; Our eyes can experience fatigue and dryness as we stare at screens for long periods of time, be it reading articles, interacting on social media, or browsing apps.

Dark mode reduces the intensity of light emitted by the screen, which can reduce eye strain and eye strain, especially in low-light environments. “Super Dark” mode can turn off pixels on the device to make the experience even more pleasing to the eyes.

This is how WhatsApp’s “Super Dark” mode is activated

1) Enter WhatsApp settings.
2) Go to “Chats” and select “Topics” option.
3) Click where it says “Dark Mode” and activate it on your device.
4) Go to “Wallpaper”.
5) Choose a solid black wallpaper.

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Since a large number of smartphones have OLED screens, dark mode is beneficial in terms of device power consumption. In this type of cell phone, individual pixels emit their own light, which means that in this mode, the darker the colors, the less pixels there are to light up.

As a result, the device consumes less power, which can translate to longer battery life, which is a key factor when users want to extend the life of their mobile devices.

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