Summary Sevilla vs Manchester City Champions League Halftime

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The history of Seville Inside Europe When was a very distant memory City of Manchester entered Sanchez-Bijuan Stadium To go 4-0 with a double bag Erling Holland And the excellent performance of the English team made the Spaniards look like an invincible steamroller.

Pep Guardiola He said in a press conference earlier He wants to get the history of Sevilla In Europe, the Iberian team has been a constant source of entertainment, but in this new version UEFA Champions League It started with bad results.

A Julen Lopetegui is out on loan with Sevilla This time it was of little use against his strategy City dwellers They showed their practical, precise, fast and, above all, strong football Foden and De Bruyne’s hand to crown his tournament goalless.

They opened the scoring after 20 minutes when De Bruyne headed in a wall down the right, He looked up and sent a high cross to Holland He finished off the goal with a pirouette. At 1-0, City’s best football came.

In 48′ Dibruin In a counterattack he built a wall with Holland. It’s a perfect headline Through the center and the attacker has an advantage, but Belgian You have selected the wrong definition And opted for a low shot that goalkeeper Bono guessed and deflected to save his goal.

As there was no reaction, it was of little use, rather, A fine goal from Foden came in an individual play on 57 minutes, a cut to the center and a shot into the bottom corner at 2-0. It was his Foden were 3-0 up on the counter-attack A powerful shot in the area quickly denied the goalkeeper. There Holland was ready for the round again It rattled the nets of the Spanish goal to complete the disaster of Matchday 1.

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The fourth goal came again from Sevilla’s left wing after some good play Mahrez-Cancelo And a center called Guardian Reuben Days He took advantage of the opportunity to make it 4-0.

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