Chile “doesn’t have a solid leadership” to achieve constitutional change: Maduro

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro confirmed this Monday that Chile has “no firm, clear, credible leadership” to defend a new constitutional proposal after the “reject” overwhelmingly won Sunday’s vote.

“They moderated it from the first play and there was a lack of firm, clear, reliable leadership, with the support of the people that would stand at the forefront of the constitutional text and ultimately the constitution of the (Augusto) Pinochet dictatorship. Force,” Maduro said in a speech broadcast by state channel VTV.

“What pain to the people, what pain to the people of Latin America and the Caribbean!” The Venezuelan leader continued with the socialist trend. He pointed out that in countries like Venezuela or Bolivia, referendums to change the constitution were successful because there were “people who defended it”.

According to Maduro, the Chilean process “clipped its wings” “prematurely”, “filled it with limitations” and “mediated”. Thus, Maduro joins Colombian President Gustavo Pedro’s statements on his Twitter account.

A proposal to change Chile’s constitution was rejected on Sunday with 61.86% of the vote, compared to 38.14%.

After the victory of the “rejection”, Chile’s president, the leftist Gabriel Boric, pointed out that the voice of the people “must be heard”.

However, the president warned that the creation of a new Magna Carta is “a condition (that) is still hidden” and Chile cannot ignore it, citing the social outbreak of 2019.

He then promised to promote a new constitutional process.

“Pinochet revived”: President Gustavo Pedro speaks after Gabriel Boric’s defeat in Chile

President Gustavo Pedro In advance, he began to react to the results of the constitutional referendum, which became known through the analysis of the votes In Chile, he rejected the new text.

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In this situation, Pedro mentioned on his Twitter account “Pinochet Revived” Also added in another message: “Only when democratic and social forces come together can we leave behind the past that taints all of Latin America and open the door to democracy.”

It is no secret that the leader of the historic treaty was confident that the results of the referendum would be favorable. That’s why losing recognition has created a negative surprise for Gustavo Pedro.

Compared to the elements in the new text of the Chilean Constitution, the panorama of Chile attracted the attention of Colombia. Its call and subsequent construction stemmed from the violent protests in that country in 2019 that put the country’s stability at risk.

Closeness with Colombian President Boric, a day after he was sworn in as head of state, he became the first president he received at the Casa de Narino on August 8, where the policy of total peace. Historic agreement, strengthening of bilateral relations and security related issues.

Gabriel Boric was elected president after a wave of discontent in Chile. With the president, the country turned left in one fell swoop. Boric, who belonged to the student movements, came as a great illusion to a segment of the population. however, His administration has been marred by failures, and he is about to reap the biggest of all: the rejection of his flagship new political constitution.

The batch process involves several nodes. The current Magna Carta was ratified in 1980 during the reign of Augusto Pinochet. Since then, the text has been amended more than 60 times and is currently signed by former President Ricardo Lagos Escobar. However, tapping it brings with it a bigger sign, so, it is said This is the most important election since the dictatorship.

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Chile’s constitution is completely different from the one created by Pinochet. But in 2019, When the social explosion hit the streetsThe main demand of the protesters was that the nation could create a new Magna Carta that did not inherit from its dark times.

Everything seemed like a honeymoon for the Left in the South. A referendum was held in which the people of Chile decided they wanted a new constitution. Then a constitutional convention was formed, largely controlled by alternative movements, and finally, Gabriel Boric was elected president.

But something went wrong along the way, ending up with an illegitimate constitutional convention, a new constitution that was completely unpopular and on the verge of being rejected, and a Gabriel Boric with an image that was getting worse by the day. Today, all eyes are on the left-wing president.

Poric and his allies risked it to support the new constitutional proposal, despite the fact that the president should keep his distance and not spend public resources on a yes vote. It made sense for the president to uphold the Constitution, he admits. The problem is A new setback for the President comes as the speech is likely to lose the election.

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