Summary of the Atletico San Luis vs Pacquiao (0-2) match. Goals

The Tusos They received First hit Commanded by Guillermo Almada 2022 ends Al Atletico beat San Luis 2-0 In the opening game. Pacquiao dominated most of the match and could not react to the Uruguayan coach’s uncomfortable attitude as he left Santos to join Hidalgo’s plan to leave Liguila.

first time It went from high to low, With one பச்சுகா That With For a long time in San Louis Court, But notwithstanding, Could not hurt. After some fears, the locals began to appear, and although they did not dominate the crowd, they came to the Pachuka area with great danger, but without mentioning anything.

With more mistakes and cards than goals, he finished first TimeThe, Both teams qualified to raise the score for the first goal, but no matter how hard they tried, The most important guest did not come.

Tucson found their best football in the second half

Al தற்குறிப்பு The Meeting, The audience started with great intensity. Romario Iberra Was Good chance To score first, he hooked and fired from the left side, but the shot became Collided on one Defender of San Louis.

A few minutes later, Clausura 2022’s first goal fell on Alfonso BoardS, Despite that Tusos. Victor Guzman had a big long stroke that he controlled in a good way to send a center. Nico Ibanes He sent down.

After the goal, Pachuka took things very seriously Y St. Louis Failing to react, Rubens turned upside down as Sampusa exited due to muscle fatigue. There were many changes in both sets, however The script was the same as it was originally TimeThe: The Places Sometimes playing In the opposite field And this The audience is waiting for the opportunity Counter attack.

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already present Final extension The crowd Atletico turned the front page, With more mind than football, it did not put Tuzo in trouble, but they kept the ball outside their field. Bella Euroza was ready to defend and did not face any problems.

Honestly, பச்சுகா He returned to score a clear goal in 86 runs Avilles Hardado was about to hand down the sentence Encounter in counter-attack. De la Rosa put a great ball into the striker who tried to cross the shot, but Barrowero saved with his left shoe.

Ibáñez Game Penalty

A minute after the meeting, Kevin Alvarez One victim Lack At San Louis area Oscar Macias reviewed as much as possible on VAR Sentence Done marking. Nico Ibanes Was collector and Put up 2-0 The crowd should be punished.

Through this success The Tuzos start in the best way 2022 endsWe believe this is a sign of a successful campaign, unlike the last they missed the opportunity to enter the Fiesta Grande.

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