Summary of Atlas vs Chivas match (3-3). Goal and half time

A great match that featured Atlas and Chivas As part of Matchday 13 of the Clausura 2023, another edition of the Clasico Tabatio drew 3-3 at the Jalisco Stadium.

Veljko Paunovic’s Sacred Flock lead 2-0, Benjamin Mora’s Atlas Came behind twice to split the points Send those who were happy with this from Guadalajara to Colossus.

Alexis Vega took the leader tag And he scored again against Atlas, not doing so for almost 4 years, and he was sharp throughout the match; With this result, Chivas added 3 duels in a row without a win; The Foxes have picked up 4 points from their last 6 games.

It is considered the oldest competition in Mexican football. Well, Atlas and Chivas both gave a wonderful Performance on the grounds of the Jalisco Stadium.

From the beginning there were visits and there was a first Chivas, when Vega left the Christian Calderon. El Cicot kept it inside the area and his shot went wide.

To the next, the sacred herd beat, when Roberto Alvarado finished a play on the right side A powerful shot that goalkeeper Camilo Vargas couldn’t see. It was a good move by Carlos Cisneros, who provided the support for Piojo’s score, capitalizing on Alejandro Gomez’s misfortune, and again failed.

The Rojin├ęgros answered until 17′. Julio Furch headed in a cross from Luis Reyes into the areaMiguel Jimenez finally saved and the Chivas goalkeeper took a shot at Diego Barbosa a minute later.

Just when it looked like Atlas might score, andl Charles Cisneros scored in the 30′ to make it 2-0., striking with powerful left foot; The ball bounced over Vargas and the second sealed the goal for Rojiblanco.

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It was 32′ when Atlas managed to score, and it was Julian Quinones, Wacho Jimenez took advantage of a miscue to cut the ball to Furch.and left in Colombia, he did not fail to bring the local people closer.

Before the break, Atlas leveled at 2-2 when Ozil Herrera rose from a corner kick at the near post and with a clear marker he was able to level things up. The match heated up and Bauno’s technical assistant Claudio Arceno was sent off at half-time..

Already in the second half, Alexis Vega scored a great goal to make it 3-2 at the 55′ mark. After a rebound, he spun and managed to return the advantage to Chivas; At the celebration he mingled with the people and was reprimanded.

The joy didn’t last long though, and in the 56′, Gui├▒ones made it 3-3 with another loose ball.. Another time Jimenez had a shot from Furch and the Colombian sent him to save. At first it was ruled out due to a possible transfer, but on VAR it was deemed good.

From there, Atlas gained more confidence and looked for success. Herrera scored a shot on a 72′ run by Jimenez, and Wacho dressed as a hero to take two whites. First a powerful shot from Furch in the 75′, a goal tag into the area from Ozil’s pass.Then, in the 79′, Quinones deflected a ball from one side for a corner kick.

In the final half, Chivas looked to win and in the 85′, Vega expertly took a free kick from Vargas with a saving flight. Additional has arrived 10 extra minutes and Vega had two more. Using his excellent technique, he struck the ball in the 93′ and Camilo appeared to save Zorros in the closing stages of the fightback, then, in the 95′, scored again with a direct free kick that the Colombian kept wide.

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