Suffocating, little Alta Villanueva died in Flores Rotten


Shortness of breath Shortness of breath is the leading cause of death Alta Danelsi Villanueva Flores (Age 15), was murdered after contact Facebook For the work allegedly in Rotten.

Yesterday, Forensic medicine From San Pedro Sula He performed an autopsy on the girl, in which it was determined that she had died of asphyxiation (which covered her mouth and nose).

Alta Villanueva Flores went missing from her home on February 4 and was killed on February 6 in an area known as Marbella. Rotten.

The young man went out in search of work after being offered a chance on Facebook.

Communication Facebook He confirmed that he would attend a job interview. A person took her for an interview on a motorcycle and her relatives never asked her again.

Until yesterday, the body was presented to his relatives San Pedro Sula They moved it Colon She will be buried.

The accused

“It is already known who killed her. The only thing that awaits is that they will catch him and imprison him. We are asking for justice for my little sister. This crime will not go unpunished,” Alta’s brother said, pointing to the suspect.Danny Flowers, A member of a known family Coxson Hole n Rotten There he fled and used a card San Pedro Sula”.

Following the allegations against Danny FlowerHis brother Obama Flowers said on social media that he did not expect what he did, “We try to help people wherever we can. I ask my brother to present himself to the authorities. ”

Without restraint

Although a person has already been named as the suspect, yesterday The Attorney’s Office From Rotten He confirmed that there was no preventive arrest warrant, but that person and the case were being investigated.

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With Postmortem, Forensic medicine The girl confirmed that she had been murdered, so the state prosecutor’s office should take up the case for the arrest of the suspect.

They also have to analyze phone calls and messages Facebook.

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