Struggles in Russia. Moscow is demanding “explanations” from the US embassy

Moscow is seeking “explanations” from the US embassy after the largest protests in recent years in the entire Russian Federation took place on Saturday, as protesters took to the streets in solidarity with the opposition to Alexei Navalny, who was arrested last Sunday.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the US embassy in Moscow would have to provide explanations for the publication of Saturday’s protests’ “travel plans” on the website, which AFP said would summon US diplomats. AcerPress.

“What about hurting them or giving instructions (to protesters)?”, Maria Saharova, spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy, wrote on Facebook. “American colleagues should come to Smolenskaya Square and explain themselves,” he said, referring to the Russian MFA address.

A spokesman noted that a warning had been posted on the US embassy’s website urging U.S. citizens not to attend Saturday’s demonstrations in Russia. In this speech, the diplomatic mission mentioned in which cities and on which streets the protests are planned to take place.

In the eyes of Russian diplomats, this means, in fact, encouraging opposition. According to Maria Saharova, if the Russian embassy in Washington had done so, it would have led to “sanctions and threats to expel Russian diplomats.”

The AFP says US diplomats have not yet responded to the situation. A spokesman for the US embassy condemned the hundreds of arrests during the protests on Saturday.

Protesters arrive at the high-security prison where Alexei Navalny is being held

At least 40,000 people gathered in central Moscow on Saturday in support of imprisoned protester Alexei Navalny, but protests took place in several cities. More than 2,000 people were arrested by law enforcement in Russia on Saturday during protests, the NGO said. OVD-information, Specializes in tracking events in this country.

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Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Saturday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Some of the protesters were attacked with sticks, but hundreds of people gathered to shout “Freedom!” Not far from the detention center in the north of the Russian capital.

Numerous police officers were sent to the prison at the protesters, fled to escape the attack.

The AFP reports that at least 750 people have been detained in Moscow alone. Several clashes broke out between protesters and police, and the Russian official newspaper reported that 40 members of the police force had been injured.

More than 300 people have been arrested in St. Petersburg, according to the DPA, citing OVD-Info. In all, about 100 cities detained protesters during Saturday’s rallies, the largest in Russia in recent years.

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