Strawberry Supermoon: Photos of the astronomical event

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Strawberry Supermoon, global astronomical phenomenon.

This is an astronomical event called Tuesday, June 14th Strawberry Super Moon. Reached Earth’s natural satellite Its maximum brightness And approach to the earth.

Super Moon is the name by which the Moon, in its full phase, records the moment when it forms its closest approach to the Earth. Nature lovers do not need binoculars to appreciate this event.

Pictures of Strawberry Supermoon have spread on social media and media. It was a global event.

It should be noted that the “strawberry moon” has nothing to do with the character and the color of the moon. This is an appointment associated with the strawberry harvest, which occurs at this time in the Northern Hemisphere. Indigenous peoples named the moons according to the harvest seasons. Hence the name.

The Story of the Algonquiers

The Algonquians named the full moon “Strawberry Moon” in June. Descendants of these indigenous peoples still live in central and eastern Canada and the northeastern states of the United States.

Like many other tribes, the Algonquians generally calculated time according to the lunar seasons. For this reason, there were pronounced differences in the ways of calculating the time of different tribes. While some count four moons, other tribes count five to twelve moons a year, according to the usual distinction between the four seasons of the year.

Each tribe named the full moon by a different name. These labels indicate the activities or customs of the tribe, such as harvests or religious ceremonies.

With the arrival of the colonialists in the United States, the Europeans forcibly printed their calendar. First it was the Julian calendar and then the Gregorian. Despite the intrusion of a new calendar, the colonists kept the names of some of the moons used by the aboriginal tribes. June is one of the nicknames for the strawberry supermoon known as the full moon.

Harvest time

With the arrival of Strawberry Supermoon, the berry collecting season begins. It was an indication to the aboriginal people that they should start the harvest season.

The first moon of summer marks the perfect point for strawberries to reach their maximum maturity.

According to NASA, the Strawberry Supermoon event can be seen in three nights.

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