strange door? Cradle ET? Science Finally Explains What “Door” Is On Mars

Ten years ago, NASA sent to our neighboring planet, Mars, what they called Curiosity, a Kind of pocket space It was sent to explore the Red Planet and answer the big question: Is there or has been life on Mars?

After shooting and filming for years, less than two weeks ago, Curiosity’s photo rocked the networks and science fiction fans began to create it. All kinds of theories. However, science has finally put a name to the great mystery known as “door” or “strange door”.

If you look at the picture carefully you can discern a kind of cavity Looks like the entrance to a corridor or a cave. However, it is neither the entrance to Naboo nor an alien lair. To answer the riddle, geologist Sanjeev Gupta, who worked on the Curiosity mission, explained in Daily Telegraph It is a natural geological process and that the “door” at the end is broken.

This type of Operations are common on both Earth and Mars And it’s not something that raises alarm bells. Moreover, many scientists have asserted that the image can be misleading and that what looks like a huge door is actually a small hole no more than 30 or 40 centimeters long.

That’s right, fans of Star Wars and other space sagas will not be very excited about the news, because in no way can it be confirmed that it was an excavation carried out by extraterrestrials. Scientists point to this It’s a strange coincidence As a result of possible earthquakes on the red planet.

Why does our brain see the door?

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Surely it happened to you more than once that you looked at something and found a recognizable model. We talk, for example, about the effect that occurs suddenly We see rabbits in the clouds and faces on the rocks. This has a name and is called pareidolia.

pareidolia is psychological phenomenon It produces neither more nor less by our evolutionary process. Thus, our brain is primed to associate shapes and recognize faces and, in turn, to facilitate social interaction. This realization begins when we are young and it seems not that children are more creative, but that their brain is working harder than our brain at learning to recognize patterns and shapes.

So, in a changing world and where Everyone evolves Physically and psychologically, if we don’t have the ability to keep identifying those patterns and continuities, we won’t be able to recognize anyone.

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