“Doña Nina” mortgaged “a little fan” to buy Peña Suazo notebooks

Santo Domingo. DR

Many Dominicans learned about “Dona Nina” through her son Jose Virgilio Bena Chuvaso’s meringue. Her sweetness and selflessness as a mother was a talk she embraced in 1994, 28 years ago, when she founded La Panda Corda and had the opportunity to sing her first song.

This week Jose Virgilio celebrated the presentation of his new product “La Número 19”, and it is not surprising that he evoked memories of his late mother Sonia Alejandrina Chuvaso in 2014. Themes of the products of the youngest of his three children.

“Donna Nina’s opinion is always important. She told me that I had to do it several times when I was recording the meringue “Supido n El Palo” because the rhythm was so fast and it was good at half speed. Before I could record it, my mother danced with meringues and told me I could record it, so I did it, ”the artist recalled speaking to LISTÍN DIARIO as he released his new album.

+ Good memories

The fact that his mother was not physically fit and that he could no longer dance with her did not upset Chuvaso. She knows that he is a good son, that he loved her with all his heart, that when he was alive he glorified her with affection, and that he had nothing short of her.

He has hundreds of good memories of Donna Nina. “Because she was a good mother,” he says sweetly. When she was in the third grade of elementary school, she recalled that her mother had mortgaged the only fan in the house and the fan she had used to alleviate the burning sensation of her allergies.

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“Mom didn’t have the money to buy my notebooks. He was about to enter third grade, and without a second thought he had mortgaged the only small fan he had to cool off when an allergy struck him, ”he said.

Then he added: “I always involve mom in everything I do. If I’m going to buy a vehicle she will recommend color.”

Peña Suazo always had a reason to call her mother because it was a way to get together and focus on her wherever she was. “Sometimes I call her and tell her: Mom, I dreamed of a horse, she told me to play 45, the horse is 4 years old, the man is 5 years old,” he recalled at the time laughing out loud.

+ In Chavon

In 1997, Pena Chuvaso dared to hold a concert at the Aldos de Chavon Amphitheater in La Romana. Recalling the event, he said it was insane not to dare to do it if he got good sponsorship.

“At the time, when there was value for money, for that concert, I had to pay almost a million pesos, but it was worth taking the risk,” he told reporters.

+ From the new album
Peña Suazo launched his new music production titled “LaNúmero19”, a new mere album containing 15 songs.

The album he presented was a masterpiece that took him to the roots of the merengue, where he recorded sounds that sounded like live instruments.

He explained that three songs already known by his followers have already been played on this new album: “I’m Not In It”, “The Machines Turned On” and “Let’s Go”.

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He recently won a RIAA certified gold record in the United States, and his song “Que no se acabe el mambo” was part of the soundtrack to the Oscar-winning film “La gran Belleza Italiana”.

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