Marpel’s strong response to a Pedro follower who no longer wants to see her

In recent months, Marbelle has been the heroine of a series of news stories about her active participation in social media during the election, where she defended her political position and shared her views on the panorama that Colombia is experiencing in a state of uncertainty. Who will become the new president of the Republic.

Recently, the popular and Rangera singer has more than 400,000 followers through her official Twitter account, saying that left-wing candidate Gustavo Pedro will leave Colombia whether he wins or not.

On several occasions, the “queen of the technical train” has expressed dissatisfaction with Pedro’s actions, saying he does not support her but criticizes her every move. However, beyond the singer’s comments, he promised that on this occasion he might be the last year of living in the country..

On the subject, Marbel said in a paradoxical tone that his departure from Colombia was “as real as Pedro’s innocence.”

One comment that did not take long to provoke the reaction of Internet users and social networking users was that he received supportive messages, but some celebrated his departure from Colombia.

This last group categorizes the user’s opinion as haroldrruizm, who promised that the singer would already be waiting for the day he left the country.

“Mrs. (Mrs.) I do not like your music, you are ordinary, disrespectful, rude, I do not question your right to think as you please, but you do not respect millions of people with different preferences. Country,” he giggled.

According to the autobiography of his account, User served as Pasto’s councilor for four terms, and as adviser on peace and the illegal use of crops in the Narino government. He also mentioned in his Twitter profile that he was a journalist and writer.

Before this post, Marbel replied that she could leave the country at any time. “Perfect! Now I tell him: I’m leaving on the day he gives me the Big PU ** hit!”, Wrote the popular musician.

Some followers came to his defense and shared messages in support of the artist.

“He lives a little unhappy because of your presence @ Marbelle30? Hahahahaha sin, punish him, don’t go, he will live like this for the rest of his life ”commented one user.

Faced with this response, the Colombian artist jokingly replied that he would stay in the country to change their lives for the better.

This Tuesday, May 10, the nation’s Attorney General Margarita Capello ordered the suspension of Medellin Mayor Daniel Quintero for allegedly engaging in politics. A decision known after the officer released a controversial video in which he was found in a car and used the expression “change first”.

Following the above, Tuesday night’s presidential candidate Gustavo Pedro said it was the decision of the Attorney General’s Office against Quintero. It was the “coup d’etat in Medellin”.

In this regard, he called on the US Inter-American Commission on Civil and Human Rights to “protect the popular vote.”

Very soon, this Wednesday Marbella He responded with harsh insults to the candidate and reminded him that he was not the president of the republic, although he referred to the mayor’s office of Petro’s Trill Quintero, not his virtual government.

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