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(CNN Español) –– Leonardo Schwebel, presenter of the news program Teledario de Guadalajara, Jalisco, It came up in the air this Friday Against people who have not been vaccinated. Also, using a raised tone, he told me to put on the mask.

In the video, Schwebel begins by commenting on the actions taken by Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro this Friday, under which all citizens must submit a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test for Govt-19 to access certain recreational areas. . Suddenly, the journalist begins to raise the tone of his voice and shouts, urging those he calls “anti-vaccine” to put on a mask.

“Freedom does not give you the right to steal your neighbor,” Schwebel said.

The same Delitario posted the video on its official site and the Mexican presenter spread it on his Twitter account.

“The important thing is that the reactions for and against it have opened up the debate that it is important to discuss the issue because we can not wait until it improves if the strategy is not changed. For example, in Mexico it is a bad week. en Español location, air reaction said after viral.

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